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    A lady meets a warrior. She decides to come and stay at his manor.

    But later she finds out, at a house of warriors, a lady is not particularly welcomed.


    What if... you wake up one day and find yourself surrounded by princes?

    A magical love story in a kingdom far, far away.


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    ~ The Ultimate Strike

    In the year 1999, a horde of hostile alien started attacking the earth. Humans built iron giants to fight back, and restore peace... and we need YOU to ride the mech, and save humanity.

  • Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy is to explain how Underdogs Inc.(the “Company”) collects and uses user(the “User(s)”) information, through the use of mobile applications and other related products and services(“Services”) provide by the Company.

    This Privacy Policy does not apply to the information collected from third parties, through the web or mobile applications linked to the Company’s Services.


    Information the Company Collects

    (1) Information Users register

    - e-mail address

    - birthday

    - other information Users input, to use the Services

    (2) Information accumulated while Users using the Services

    - log information

    - cookies and similar technologies

    - location information

    - payment information

    - device information(including operation system version, unique device identifiers)

    - Other information the Users allow to display by using third-party platforms and services


    Use of Information

    - to provide customer service

    - to provide, maintain and improve the Services

    - to analyze and monitor the usage and activities of the Services

    - to identify the Users and secure the Services

    - to send technical notices, updates, security alerts and necessary supports


    Sharing of Information

    The Company will not share the Users’ information with any third party, except the cases stated below

    - When the company acquired Users' consent to do so, or when the Company has a reason to believe that sharing the information might help saving human lives or to protect properties

    - When there is a court order to do so

    - when there is a necessity to do so, to maintain the Services in case of any merger, the sale of company assets, financing or acquisition of all or a portion of the Company’s business to a third party


    Information Security

    The Company will protect the Users' information by following generally accepted industry standards and maintaining reasonable safeguards. The Company may allow the Company’s trusted services providers to use the Users’ information, when the providers work on the Company and the Services’ behalf, and have agreed to adhere to rules set forth in this Privacy Policy.


    Modification of Privacy Policy

    The Company has the right to modify this Privacy Policy when necessary. Modified Privacy Policy will become effective immediately, once the modified Policy is officially posted by the Company on an appropriate location, including the official website operated by the Company.

    Users are highly advised to check Policy updates to protect their best interests.


    Contact Us

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us to policy@underdogs-inc.com

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Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use (“Terms of Use”) set forth the legally binding terms and conditions for the users(“Users"), of their using of the services provided by Underdogs Inc.(“Company”).

1. Definition 
1.1 Services 
mobile game services, web based services, and other related content provided by the Company 
1.2 Separated Terms and Conditions 
Documents released or uploaded by the Company related to the Services
1.3 Devices 
Electronic devices that allow the users to use the Services  
1.4 Accounts 
A set of character strings or any other marks issued by the Company to identify Users, at the beginning of the use of the Services 

2. Application and modification of the Terms and Conditions 
2.1 Users shall agree to the Terms of Use, at the beginning of the use of the Services   
2.2 At the beginning of the service, Users are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions. 
2.3 Minors may use the Services only with consent from their legal guardians. If minors used the Services or made transactions at using the Services pretending to have required legal consent, no cancellation of the use nor refund will be granted by the Company. 
2.4 If there are Separate Terms and Conditions for the Services, Users shall agree to the Separated Terms and Conditions. 
2.5 The company reserves the right to modify or replace the Terms and Conditions when necessary. Modified Terms and Conditions will become effective immediately, once the modified Terms and Conditions are officially posted by the Company on an appropriate location, including the official website operated by the Company.  
2.6 Users shall agree to the Modified Terms and Conditions, to continue using of the Services. 

3. Accounts
3.1 Users shall provide genuine, accurate, complete and up-to-date information to the Company, at the beginning of using the Services. Also, Users shall provide such information while using the Services.  
3.2 Users shall agree to be responsible for any activities or actions made under the user account. Users will be solely responsible, for all fees and transactions made by the User account or anyone using the account initiated by the User. The company shall not be responsible for any damages inflicted upon Users in relation to the use of the Service, unless such damages are due to the Company’s willful misconduct or gross negligence.     
3.3 The Users shall supply the necessary devices, operating system, and internet connection necessary for using the Service under Users’ own expenses.  

4. Virtual goods and Payment
4.1 Users shall acknowledge that the purchase of any virtual goods while using the Services, shall be made by the means specified by the Company. Details regarding the payment regarding the purchase will be decided by the Company.  
4.2 The company reserves the right to modify the price of virtual goods provided in the Services, or the payment method to purchase virtual goods while using the Services, when necessary. Any modification will become effective immediately, once the modification is officially posted by the Company on an appropriate location, including the official website operated by the Company.  
4.3 Users shall agree the Terms and Conditions of the third party platform, when any payment made through any of the third party platforms(such as apple, google, Facebook) while using the Services. The company shall not be responsible in any cases for disputes between the Users and the third party platform regarding transactions and refunds.
4.4 Users shall agree that the Company is not required to provide refund for any reason, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence by the Company.

5. Contents 
5.1 The services provided by the Company is strictly for use only. The Company only grants the Users non-exclusive and non-transferrable licence for using the Services. 
5.2 Users have no rights to sell, copy, exchange, transfer, re-licence, translate, publish or otherwise distribute any of the intellectual properties related to the Services.
5.3 Users shall not grant any access to their user accounts to any third party. 
5.4 Users’ license to use the Services shall be terminated once the user account is deleted. 
5.5 The Company reserves the right to modify the content of the Services when necessary. The company also reserves the right to terminate the Services without User consent. 
5.6 The Company reserves the right to send messages, notification, and advertisement to Users.   

6. Restrictions 
Users shall not engage in any of the followings while using the Services. 
6.1 Any activities that violate the law 
6.2 Any activities that violate court verdicts, court orders, or regulations that are legally binding 
6.3 Any activities that harm the public peace and order, and good public morals 
6.4 Expresses, post or upload the content listed below, through the Services
 - expressions or images including excessive violence 
 - expressions or images that are threatening or harmful to other Users or community 
 - expressions or images that are sexually harassing
 - expressions or images that include discrimination against any human kind, including race, nationality, belief, religion, gender, and sexual orientation 
 - expressions or images including slander, intentional spreading of false information that can misrepresent any User, or third party 
- expressions or images encourage physical harm, suicide, self-mutilation, criminal activity, drug abuse
- expressions or images encourage any antisocial behaviour   
6.5 Any activities that violate intellectual property rights of the Company and/or a third party
6.6 Any activities of identity fraud, and/or intentionally spread false information of the Company or any third party 
6.7  Any activities of sending out spam mails or messages to numerous Users indiscriminately, or any activities that the Company defines as spamming  
6.8 Any activities of unsolicited or unauthorised advertising
6.9 Any activities that benefit antisocial groups
6.10 Any activities that promotes certain political or religious groups 
6.11 Any activities lead to the illegal collection, disclosure, provision of other’s personal information
6.12 Any activities that interfere with the servers and network systems of the Services 
6.13 Any activities that are against the Terms of Use, or/and the Separated Terms of Use 
6.14 Any activities that interfere with others' use of the Services 
6.15 Any activities that publicly notify other users through the Services on restricted activities 
6.16 Any activities that encourage any of above 
6.17 Any other activities that the Company defines inappropriate 
7. User Responsibility 
7.1 Users shall bear the responsibilities for actions carried out by using the Services. 
7.2 The Company have the rights to take actions against the Users as listed below, when the Company acknowledges the User is violating the Terms and Conditions. 
 - limit, suspend, terminate access to the Services 
 - suspend or delete User account 
 - any measures the Company defines appropriate 
7.3 The Company has no obligation to compensate the Users in any way regarding the action taken in 7.2. 
7.4 If the Company has suffered damages directly or indirectly due to the Users’ violation of Terms and Conditions, the User shall compensate the Company upon request. 
7.5 The Company shall not be responsible for the result carried out by Users violating the Terms and Conditions. 
7.6 The User shall solely bear the responsibility when the User caused damages to a third party by violating the Terms and Conditions while using the Services. The User shall immediately compensate the third party upon request. If the Company suffered damages by the dispute between the User and the third party, the User shall also compensate the Company upon request.  
8. The Company's Exemption of Liability 
8.1 The Company does not guarantee below
 - the permanent existence of the Services 
 - flawlessness, stability, effectiveness, accuracy, fitness for certain purposes  of the Services 
 - Services without errors and bugs, any security-related faults  
 - Services' availability under any condition
-  free from any kind of infringements of rights   
8.2 Users shall acknowledge that the Company have the right to modify the whole or part of the Services without any prior notice to Users. 
8.3 The Company shall not be responsible for any kind of damages inflicted upon Users in relations to the use of any Services provided by the Company.  

9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 
9.1 The original Terms and Conditions stated here are based on the Japanese language version(“Japanese Version”). In case of contradiction, Japanese Version shall take precedence over any other translation. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. 
9.2 Any conflicts arisen between Users and the Company regarding the Services, shall be submitted primarily to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Tokyo.